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After-sales service

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Thank you for purchasing "IBD" brand series products, and we are our very apologetic for the product failures regardless of the causes. If the failures result in the availability of the product, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with after-sales services and assistances wholeheartedly.

To allow you to get more efficient services, please read the following content carefully prior to sending the product for repair, and we will offer services for you based on the "Laws of Three Guarantees".

I. For the "IBD '' brand all series products purchased, we will provide warranty services for free for the failure caused by the quality of the product itself within one year from the date of sale (subject to the date recorded on the invoice and warranty card, and the invoice or warranty card is invalid without the stamp of the retailer).

II. In case of one of the following conditions, the product will not be covered under warranty, but the customer may choose to pay for maintenance.
1. If there is no invoice and warranty card, or the content filled in the warranty card is altered, or the product itself does not comply with the information in the warranty card.
2. The one-year warranty period of the product is expired.
3. The damage caused by human factors, such as immersion in water, dropping and breaking, etc.
4. The damage caused by failing to use, maintain and repair the product in accordance with the product manual.
5. The machine is disassembled without authorization, or the warranty sticker is blurred or torn.
6. The other accessories beyond the products (package, manual, CD-ROM drive optical disc, etc.)
NOTE: The right of the final interpretation of the warranty card content belongs to IBD Company.

III. About sending products for repair
To provide warranty services, you shall be responsible for delivering the product to our company or the after-sales service outlet of the authorized dealer.
1. Sending the product by yourself for repair: please present the warranty card and the invoice for repair and explain the cause of the failure, and we will deal with the problem as soon as possible after completing the inspection. If the product repair takes a long time, please leave your contact details, and we will contact you after the repair is completed.

2. Sending the product by express delivery: send the product to us by express delivery with the express freight born by yourself, and please ensure the following aspects:
● Attach a piece of paper in the inner box of the product, including the content of detailed cause of failure, contact person, phone and product return address.
● Back up the data in the machine by yourself, and the company will not be responsible for losses due to data loss.
● It is suggested to package with a sturdy carton outside the product box, to prevent the product from damage in transit.
● Directly send the product to our reception of our company through your trusted express company.

VI. After-sales Processes
If your product occurs to failure, please contact the customer service center of IBD Company to confirm whether the product needs to be returned to IBD Company for repair. And the after-sales processes are as follows:
1. Contact us by calling the customer service phone 0755-27797993 to allow our customer service personnel to determine the cause of the product failure.

2. In case of a product software error or technical problem of the system, the IBD technical service personnel will provide you remote assistance to solve the problem, so as to save the time and cost of sending the product for repair, and make you enjoy the pleasure in learning the technology of the product.

3. If the customer service personnel confirm that your product needs to be sent for repair, please properly package the product to be repaired, and then send it to our company or the after-sales service outlet of the authorized dealer.

4. After the repair is completed, we will contact you and send the product to your specified address.

Thank you for your patience to read our warranty regulations, hope that you are satisfied for our services.

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